Spliners, the background story…

Sustainable & fast fun design! A truly unique gift.

SPLINERS is a new, aerodynamic shaped wooden car.

Specially designed and handmade for children and the young at heart ones among us.


This freshly coloured toy is made out of wood, with rubber tyres. The curvy lines and round edges give the car an organic, friendly appearance and an exciting sense of movement.

Not only fun and love, but also pure craftsmanship shines through. Maarten Olden (MO,O) was inspired by his father-in-law, a restorer who worked in historic preservation of monumental buildings. He showed him an ingenious trick of the trade, which was used to provide chic furniture of ornamental feet in an easy way. Further study of this principle by Maarten Olden, who applied this skilled sawing technique to a collection of car toys, has led to the new series SPLINERS.

Maarten Olden and  Hans Neijts first met about a year ago. Maarten talked about his design and Hans was intrigued immediately.

The designer and the experienced craftsman decided to join forces. They are both proud to present their co-creation, and hope you will enjoy your spliner as much as they enjoyed creating it.







spliners by maarten olden II (1)



splinters by maarten olden III




doosjes I.958



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