How do I get one ? what to expect…

Spliners are made out of Ash-Wood. A light-coloured, straight grained type of wood. Ash-Wood is very strong and is often used as a shank for a hammer or the stick of a broom.

We use it because we like the colour and the grain very much. The light colour makes it perfect for adding colour to it while the grain is still present

Spliners are probably larger than you expect them to be: 22 cm long (8.7 inch), 14 cm wide (5.5 inch) and around 8 cm high (3.2 inch) (depending on the model).

So also bigger hands can take them for a spin…

The tyres are made out of thermoplastic rubber, and look like real racing tyres, no need to change them after every won race.

The axles are also very sturdy with their 6mm diameter.

The used paints and varnishes are safe for kids. The whole assembly of a spliner is tested and approved  for the smallest spliner-lovers of 3 months old.

This makes spliners the perfect gift for our new borns.

You can go to our webshop and order the spliner you prefer. The Spliner will be sent to you in a premium box that doubles as a garage.


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