Spliners 911 scaled 6:1 on a Volvo during Dutch Design Week

The Spliners team was invited to join a design competition. The goal was to come up with designs for a 3-D ad during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.
We send in our plan and were invited to make our giant Spliner and attach it to one of the sponsored Volvo cars. These cars act a free taxi’s during the largest design event in the Netherlands.
DDW (Dutch Design Week).

two toy cars
spliners 911 next to ihis big brother spliners 911 6.0

car on a car
Spliners 6.0 next to other desig-rides during Dutch Design Week 2015
car on top of a Volvo car
detail Spliners 911 6.0
Spliner in front of gallery
spliner 911 6.0 in front of Yksi

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